Joomla – Template: Making Basic Template Use Dreamweaver CS3

Joomla Template Step By Step Tutorial: If we are lazy, we can use Dreamweaver to help us write XHTML code. We can use template page that exist at Dreamweaver feature. In this post, we will talk how to make Joomla template use Dreamweaver CS3. But, before continue; please understand about module’s and component’s position at here. Better, if you read this post too.

  1. First, open your Dreamweaver CS3. Click File > New. You will get New Document Dialog Box.
  2. Choose Blank Page.
  3. Choose PHP.
  4. Choose 3 column liquid, header, and footer.Open dreamweaver CS3 for building joomla template
  5. Click Create button.
  6. In document toolbar, click Split. We can see page as code and design.Choose split mode in Dreamweaver CS3
  7. Please understand that we will write position code like following image:Joomla position possible

    For example, we rewrite for header like this:

    rewrite header code

    Next, insert all position code like this:

    rewrite position code

  8. Save this file as “index.php” within joomla/templates/dm3 (create folder named “dm3”).
  9. Create a file named TemplateDetail.xml within joomla/template/dm3. Enter following code:Joomla template detail
  10. Now, login as administrator.
  11. Then click extensions > template manager.
  12. Choose dm3.
  13. Click default.Joomla template manager

Now, point your browser to Joomla frontpage (http://localhost/joomla). You should get like this:

Joomla front page


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