Zend Framework Intro: Folder Structure

Zend Framework Step By Step Tutorial – Part 1: Zend framework is one of popular framework at PHP World. This framework is released by Zend, a big vendor for PHP. In this post, We learn Zend framework from zero. We will build a simple application named “helloworld”. In this framework, we use MVC (Model View Controller). We ever talk about this pattern at Joomla MVC. Our target is create simple application like this:

First, create folder structure like this at your web server folder (I create under www/test/zend. Up to you. You can create under www/test or just www).

Then, download zend framework from here. Extract compressed file. You may get structure like this:

Copy zend library (folder named “zend” under library) to helloworld/library. Thus, your application become like this:

Next post, I will explain meaning of the folders.

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