mod_rewrite – Part 1: create your “fantasy” URL

“Hey, guys! I just hear a fantastic ethnic music at”, talk Aya to her friends.

mmm… its hard to say (and remmember) that URL. I am sure, you will agree with me. How about if Aya say like this, “Hey, guys! I just hear a fantastic ethnic music at”.

Yes, you can made ‘fantasy’ URL to instead of dynamic URL.

I know, you are realy ‘tee-ou-pee’ (read: TOP) build database web application. You can build complex eCommerce. With your skill, its not difficult to understand this URL:


May, you will say:

1 cat (category) = ethnic (represented: 02837)
2 subcategory (subcat) = java (represented: 0246)
3 and
4 product id (product_id) = gamelan java (represented: 001)

as programming code, its not difficult. But how with your fanatic customer. Its realy difficult if he want to say to his friends about your product in web.

It will be more easy if he can say,

How modify dinamic URL to static URL like this? Must we create a page/product? NO!

You can use mod_rewrite in apache to build ‘fantasy URL’ (I said ‘fantasy URL’ because its not realy page). You can use that module to create any URL to represent a dynamic page. Look example below:

1 ethnicmusic.html  = product.php?cat=203&prodid=934746
2 good-coding.html  = article.php?article_id=2336

Okey, are you ready? lets read another article in this series.


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