How to Change the Default WordPress Theme

This is a general question to all the beginner’s in the field of wordpress. As a new webmaster, you might think that how I can change the theme of my wordpress blog or website to give it more good look and feel to attract the attention of visitors so that they can give their valuable time on reading my articles. So, Below is the step by step guide on How you can change the default wordpress theme?

1. Login to your wordpress enabled blog or website as a administrator.

2. Go to Dashboard of your blog or website.

3. Search for the appearance tab in the left bar pane . You will find a small arrow just near this appearance word. Click on that arrow.

4. It will open a dropdown menu after clicking on the arrow. Now, Select theme option from the dropdown menu and click on it. It will redirect you to a new page called Manage Themeafter click on this option.

5.Click on Add New Option on the Manage theme page. Just on the top for this option.

6.It will redirect you to Install theme page once you clicked on Add new button. There you will find options like Search | Upload | Featured | Newest | Recently Updated. Now, You can either search the theme online or you can upload a new theme from your desktop if you have already the theme.

7. Install the theme either by searching or uploading from your computer.

8. Activate your theme and that’s it. You have completed your task. Now refresh your website and see the new effect.

Hope, you enjoyed this tutorial on how to change the theme on wordpress. Please share your views and if you have any doubt then please ask it here so that I can solve your doubt.

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