PHP Operators: Error Control Operator

PHP Operators Step By Step Tutorial – Part 8: PHP support one operator control error with the sign of at (@). If enhanced at one particular expression of PHP, hence mistake information yielded by the expression will be disregarded. If track_errors fitur is in enable, hence mistake information yielded by the expression will be kept in the global variable $ php_errormsg. This variable content will always be changed with the new mistake information of each re-evaluation. For that, check before the re-evaluation is done first if we would like to use the existing information in it.

Pay attention to the example of using Error control operator at script as following:

File name: errorcontroloperator.php

01 <html>
02 <head>
03 <title>Using Error Control Operator</title>
04 </head>
06 <body>
07 <h1>The example for using error control operator</h1>
08 <?
09 $myfile = @file ('') or
10 die ("failed opening file:error was '$php_errormsg'");
11 ?>
12 </body>
13 </html>

The result of executing errorcontroloperator.php:

error control operator

Note: Operator @ is only work in the expression. For the simple order as if you take a value from something, you can add operator @ to its. For example, you earn enhancing it for the intake of variable, function, and include(), konstanta, etc. You cannot enhance it to the function of definition or class, or conditional structure of like and if of foreach, etc.


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