15+ jQuery Plugins to Create Stunning Image Zoom Effects

jQuery Plugins to Create Stunning Image Zoom Effects

jQuery is amazing and you can find plugins to address nearly any need a front end developer may have. This post cover jQuery Plugins to create Stunning Image Zoom Effects on your site or blog. This is very useful if you have large images that will otherwise take up too much space.


WooThemes - Made by Designers
WooThemes - Made by Designers

jQuery is very powerful and as you learn more about you will be amazed what it is capable of. If you dont find what you need in this article I recommend you check out some jQuery Sliders or jQuery countdown plugins

jQuery gzoom plugin


Really nice image zoom plugin with the following features: click on plus and minus to zoom, drag the slider to zoom Zoom using mousewheel hover the image, Moving mouse hover the image change the pan, Click on the image to show in lightbox style

Hover Zoom


The hover zoom effect basically reverse zooms an image while fading in a label on top of it when the mouse hovers over it. It makes for a pretty slick effect which could be used on thumbnails. As always, you can check out a demo or grab the source right here if you don’t want to read the entire tutorial.

AnythingZoomer jQuery Plugin


You have a small area. You mouse over it. An area pops up giving you a zoomed in closer look. This is a jQuery plugin that does it. I’m not going to tell you what you should use it for or elaborate use-case scenarios. Your own creativity can help you there. Demo & Download



JQZoom is a javascript image magnifier built at the top of the popular jQuery javascript framework.jQzoom is a great and a really easy to use script to magnify what you want.

jQuery Cycle plugin


This is a lightweight slideshow plugin that supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and many transition effects. The effects look very good!

crop, labelOver and pluck


Crop-Gives your visitors the power to crop any image on the fly using JavaScript only. Also there are 2 other plugins: LabelOver and Pluck.



imgAreaSelect is a jQuery plugin for selecting a rectangular area of an image.



Jcrop is the quick and easy way to add image cropping functionality to your web application. It combines the ease-of-use of a typical jQuery plugin with a powerful cross-platform DHTML cropping engine that is faithful to familiar desktop graphics applications.

PHP & jQuery image upload and crop


Awesome solution for allowing users to upload and crop images on your site.



This plugin allows your visitors view details of a big image and move around with the mouse.

Zoomer Gallery


GalleryView is a plugin that allows you to easily transform your image lists into beautiful galleries with Flash-like zoom effects in them. It’s a simple yet elegant way of giving your interfaces a nice little shine and at only 2KB in size, it’s both compact and surprisingly easy to use.

jQuery plugin : Fancy Zoom


This plugin is the jQuery version on the fancy zoom effect. This plugin is providing a smooth, clean, truly Mac-like effect, almost like it’s a function of Safari itself

Image Zoom 2.0


This plug-in makes links pointing to images open in the “Image Zoom”. Clicking a link will zoom out the clicked image to its target-image. Click anywhere on the image or the close-button to zoom the image back in. Only ~3k minified.

Creating An Image Zoom And Clip Effect With jQuery


Good video tutorial showing you how to create an image zoom effect where you can select a region of an image and the image will automatically scale up to show the selected region.

jQuery PhotoShoot Plugin

great new jquery plugins

The jQuery PhotoShoot plugin gives you the ability to convert any div on your web page into a photo shooting effect, complete with a view finder. You can check out the demonstration, or a nice tutorial on how to use it here.

Jquery iviewer

JQuery.iviewer is a jquery plugin used to load and view image in container with ability to zoom image and to drag it with mouse in container.

drag and drop jquery plugins

Other resources

A New WordPress Slideshow Plugin Creates Beautiful Slideshows in a Snap! – Basically it’s an easy to use photo slideshow player developed for WordPress users and it allows your to create beautiful slideshow galleries in minutes all without leaving the WordPress admin area.

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