Add storage space to Amazon EC2 instance

Running out of storage space happens while working with Amazon EC2. There is two solutions allowing you not to recreate a new instance with more storage space. The first is to resize the EBS volume accordingly, and the second is to add a new EBS volume mounted on the instance. We’ll have a look on the latter in the case of an instance running Debian 6.0.


– In the Amazon Web Services administration panel, create a new EBS volume under the EC2 tab and attach it to your instance.

– Log into the instance withSSH and create a new partition on the new EBS volume using fdisk. Don’t forget to write.

– Create the ext3 filesystem on the partition using mkfs:

mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdg1
mkdir /mnt/EBS(numberofEBS)

– Mount the EBS volume:

mount /dev/sd(?)1 /mnt/EBS(numberofEBS)

– Edit /etc/fstab to automount the volume at startup.

You now have additional storage space ready to use.

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