Objective-C program with multiple parameter

Objective-C enables programmer to use method with multiple parameter. These parameter can be of same type or of different type.
This is a sample program that shows sum of three numbers as output.


@interface MyClass:NSObject{

// declare method for more than one parameter
-(int) sum: (int) a andb: (int) b andc:(int)c;



@implementation MyClass
-(int) sum: (int) a andb: (int) b andc:(int)c;{
return a+b+c;


int main(){
MyClass *class = [[MyClass alloc]init];

printf("Sum is : %d",[class sum : 5 andb : 6 andc:10]);
[class release];
return ;


Sum is : 21

Copy from http://www.roseindia.net/iphone/objectivec/objective-program-with-multiple-parameter.shtml

By dbglory Posted in IOS

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