Flappy Bird isn’t a copy. Precisions.

Let’s take three games.

1 – Flappy Bird.


2 – Piou Piou


3 – Helicopter Game



I want to react against the tweet of @Kek_zanorg,

RT if you think I’m not paranoid 🙂 http://t.co/7W1YLT61ml #flappybirdpic.twitter.com/twpUM4sk3u

— kek (@kek_zanorg) 4 Février 2014

Because I think he is wrong, the people who say that Flappy Bird are wrong too. I want to open a debate and show with precise things with Flappy Bird deserves his popularity, and not a “huuhh that’s copy fucker” thing. I’ll focus on Flappy Bird and PiouPiou, because this is the subject of Kek’s Tweet. We want to look at these two games through the lens of precise game design. The one that makes all the difference in a game…

The link to play PiouPiou http://www.zanorg.com/prodperso/pioupiou.html
he link to play FlappyBird  https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/flappy-bird/id642099621?mt=8

  • The cactus of PiouPiou don’t kill.
  • The pipes of Flappy Bird do kill.
  • Flappy Bird keeps the same speed forever, making it always possible and linked to user control’s skill.
  • PiouPiou has a faster speed over time, making it impossible after a time, making it impossible
  • The average length of a flappy bird game is 10 seconds.
  • The average length of a PiouPiou game is 1 minute.
  • The pipes are THE DEATH.
  • The cactus are an obstacle that will bring me to death.
  • There are around 5 seconds of free control in Flappy Bird
  • There are around 2 seconds of free control in PiouPiou
  • If you reach 100 points in Flappy Bird, you’re a god.
  • If you reach 100 points in PiouPiou, your skill is quite ok.
  • PiouPiou has 4/5 power ups, which makes them to be “understandable” and nicely tuned by the player.
  • Flappy Bird is simple and has no power ups : only user input.
  • PiouPiou’s bird has a linear fall gravity after no input, you don’t touch means you have some time to recover.
  • Flappy Bird has an exponential fall gravity after no input. You don’t touch means the bird will fastly die.
  • You can’t find PiouPiou on iOS nowadays, and can’t compete live with your friends at work or in a coffee.
  • Many people and student play FlappyBird together in real places.
  • PiouPiou judges you at the end of a game “not bad”, “you could do better”.
  • Flappy Bird doesn’t judge your skill. Just saying game over, and even reward with a medal if you had it.
  • PiouPiou doesn’t record your best score.
  • Flappy Bird does record your best score and allows you to aim something.

To sum up, Kek_zanorg, you’re not only paranoid. To me, you don’t know what game design is and you think this is the same game… while many game design feelings are really different. It’s not because they have the same big lips and vaguely the same design you can clame it’s a copy, because that’s what you say without being clear…

Finally, this is a reminder that tweaking, tuning in game design makes 75% of the player’s feeling. People complain about Flappy Bird being a copy for graphics, but hey people…Graphics don’t make all the game experience.

Copy from http://gandhirules.com/site/blog/gamedev/flappy-bird-isnt-a-copy-precisions/

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