Using Cassandra on Mac OSX

I posted some time ago about installing Cassandra on Mac OSX. Admittedly I generally use Linux when dealing with Cassandra but have recently been using it on Mac OSX again so here are some tips when working with Cassandra on ac OSX.

Install it with homebrew

It’s easy! The only reason for not using homebrew is if you want a specific version. I have an old blog post on installing it with homebrew here: install Cassandra on Mac OSX. If you want 1.2 rather than 2.0 read below first.

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Installing Cassandra on Mac OS X

I’ve recently posted some more tips on using Cassandra on Mac OSX: Cassandra on Mac

If you don’t already have homebrew then install it from here.

Then it as simple as:

brew install cassandra

This doesn’t install the python driver for the cqlsh command line tool. To do this install it first install python if you haven’t got it already: Continue reading