Tutorial: Transitioning an Application from Flex 3 to Flex 4

Adobe Flex 4 provides a lot of new features including a component architecture, CSS improvements, MX backward compatibility, new state mechanisms, and a new graphic markup language called FXG. Along with the Flex 4 SDK, Adobe Flash Builder 4 has improvements to help with developing with Flex 4. Migrating Flex 3 applications to Flex 4 can seem like a large task.

In this article I take a real world application and walk you through a real world example of transitioning from Flex 3 to Flex 4. The example provided covers all the major areas of Flex application including CSS, Spark components, customs skins, embedding fonts, and more. Continue reading

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Using Flex Builder 3 with Subversion on Assembla

Source control. We all know we should be using it. The peace of mind benefit alone is enough to aid in speeding development – a programmer who isn’t concerned with self-versioning his files is a more productive one. Then there are the other benefits, like code comparison and streamlining workflow for a team-built project.

Setting up Trac and Subversion can be somewhat painful the first time around, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy hosted system (with a whole mess of other features, too), I suggest taking a look at Assembla.com. Continue reading

Use the SWFLoader for loading Flash swf into Flex

It was a welcome change to do a little bit of Flash/Flex programming after a heavy dose of WPF ;-) .

The AIR app

In a recent internal project I had to build a simple movie player for a bunch of SWFs created in Flash. The player itself was more like a showcase tool that would loop through these movies and do some transitions as it changed movies. The player was supposed to run fullscreen on a really LARGE display. When the player starts out, you will be presented with a screen where you pick the directory that contains the SWF files. After you pick the directory, the app identifies all valid movie files and loads thumnails of the SWF movies. Clicking the top-right play button would hide this screen and then start playing the movies fullscreen. Continue reading

Setting up Subversion with Adobe Flex 3

This tutorial will show you how to setup Subversion (SVN) with Flex and how you use it. SVN is a great tool to backup your files, let others work on the same project and keep track of all versions of a file.

To read more about why you should use Subversion, read here. Note that this tutorial will only work with Flex 3. We’ve had several stabs at making Subversion work with Flex 2 (based on Eclipse 3.1.2), but it seems that Adobe left out some core components that makes this process hard (If you know an easy way to do it, please contact us and we’ll update this article). Continue reading

The basics of working with sound in Flex3

My previous article “  Understanding Embedding Assets in Flex3” made a flight on 5000 feet to show the big picture of concepts related to Flex3 and assets manipulation . Now lets get a bit lower and focus on the subject of how flex handles sound .

Before you can control a sound in ActionScript, you need to have the sound information loaded into Flash Player or AIR. There are four ways you can get audio data into Flash Player or AIR so that you can work with it using ActionScript. Continue reading

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Flex dispatch event example

Below mxml file demonstrates the working of dispatchEvent() method. Method works like a driver that drives the event mentioned in its constructor.

Flex dispatchEvent example


The example below demonstrates the working of flex dispatchEvent() method. Method works like a driver that drives the event mentioned in its constructor. This method is used to manually dispatch or run away an event. Method, to dispatch any event on the component can be applied either with the component’s id or mouseOver attribute. With mouseOver attribute the method will be used inside the mxml tags. This means with and inside a control tag attribute, mouseOver the method can be dispatched on any component.  Continue reading

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