Zend Framework navigation with breadcrumbs

It’s been a while since I last time played with beauty of Zend Framework.

Each time I check new features it seems to me that the things are more simplier than the last time,
I might be wrong (I wouldn’t bet on that) or I’m just getting better :)

Let’s check this piece of cake – how you can create navigation with breadcrumbs in Zend Framework project.
As many things in Zend Framework you can get same features in different ways,
so the same thing goes with the Zend_Navigation class. Continue reading

Cron jobs in Zend Framework

Recently i had to implement a cronjob for a website that was build with zend framework, and to be honest i haven’t done this before. I did some googling and as a lot of times with zend framework there arent to many resources about this topic.

I did find some topics on stackoverflow.com about it ( found out about zend cli proposal wich sounds interesting ) but not really an answer. So i decided to go ahead and try a solution on my own. Continue reading

Optimizing Zend performance – small tip

If you started working with Zend Framework you have notice that it is a bit slower then your regular php application.
This is due more or less to the double sword of having such a big framework to work with.

There are a lot of tips and tutorial out there on how to optimize your Zend Framework, and in all of them you will see the recommendation to remove the require_once from the library and to use Zend_Loader. Wich is a good advice since all those require_onces do put some stress on your application. Continue reading

The Contact Page: Sending the E-mail

The sending of the e-mail generated when the user submits a message via the contact page is handled by a class with a single method. This makes use of the Zend_Mail module to create and transmit the e-mail.

The class is implemented as follows:

class Default_Model_Mail_Contact
  public function send($bodyHtml)
    // Send the mail
    $mail = new Zend_Mail();
    $mail->setFrom('website@example.com', 'Website'); 
    $mail->addTo('admin@example.com', 'Admin');
    $mail->setSubject('Re: Message submitted via website');

The send method creates a mail, which is sent to the account of the person who is responsible for handling enquiries. Most of the fields are fixed, except for the message body, which is generated in the action handler, then passed to the method.

How to integrate uploadify in Zend Framework 1.9.6

A detailed tutorial will show you how to integrate Zend Framework version 1.9.6 with jQuery Uploadify version 2.1.0. The tutorial covers all the basic aspects of the process from installing the framework on a multi zend applications with the same library/separate configurations system to integrating the jQuery Uploadify into your website. The uploads will be made in a secure folder, outside the public area of your server from where you can manipulate the files as you wish. Continue reading