Using Flex Builder 3 with Subversion on Assembla

Source control. We all know we should be using it. The peace of mind benefit alone is enough to aid in speeding development – a programmer who isn’t concerned with self-versioning his files is a more productive one. Then there are the other benefits, like code comparison and streamlining workflow for a team-built project.

Setting up Trac and Subversion can be somewhat painful the first time around, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy hosted system (with a whole mess of other features, too), I suggest taking a look at Continue reading

Setting up Subversion with Adobe Flex 3

This tutorial will show you how to setup Subversion (SVN) with Flex and how you use it. SVN is a great tool to backup your files, let others work on the same project and keep track of all versions of a file.

To read more about why you should use Subversion, read here. Note that this tutorial will only work with Flex 3. We’ve had several stabs at making Subversion work with Flex 2 (based on Eclipse 3.1.2), but it seems that Adobe left out some core components that makes this process hard (If you know an easy way to do it, please contact us and we’ll update this article). Continue reading