Twitter Bootstrap tutorial

What is twitter bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is a frontend framework to develop web apps and sites fast. It includes basic CSS and HTML for creating Grids, Layouts, Typography, Tables, Forms, Navigation, Alerts, Popovers etc. And along with that, comes a host of Jquery plugins to create awesome UI components like Transitions, Modal, Dropdown, Scrollspy, Tooltip, Tab, Popover, Alert, Button, Collapse, Carousel, Typeahead, Affix.

In this and consequent pages, w3resource covers Twitter Bootstrap tool in detail, which will equip you to build web apps and sites using the tool. Continue reading

Bootstrapping modules

I’ve started to play with modules in a Zend Framework 1.8 application as the new autoloader means that all your model directories no long have to be on the include_path for autoloading to work. What I’m specifically interested in is being able to instantiate a model that is within a module from within another module.

Setting it all up isn’t that hard, but I couldn’t find a concise description, so these are my notes on it.

Start by creating a ZF application using the zf command line tool:

$ zf create project myproject

Don’t forget to put a copy of ZF 1.8 into the library directory or ensure that it is on the include_path. Continue reading