mod_rewrite – Part 3: build your own “fantasy” URL

mod_rewrite tutorial: In this tutorial, I will show you how to make “bestethnic.html” to instead “product.php?id=3”. Before you read, make sure you have understood part 1 and part 2 from this series.

Assume, you work on www/product (it root folder for

Ok, folow this steps: Continue reading


mod_rewrite – Part 2: Instalasi modules in Apache

If you want to build ‘fantasy’ URL, You need helping from a apache’s module that we called mod_rewrite. This is realy famous modules in Apache. so, I think it always ready in common installation package.

Try to look from phpinfo(). Find installed modules in your package. This is example modules from my local server: Continue reading

mod_rewrite – Part 1: create your “fantasy” URL

“Hey, guys! I just hear a fantastic ethnic music at”, talk Aya to her friends.

mmm… its hard to say (and remmember) that URL. I am sure, you will agree with me. How about if Aya say like this, “Hey, guys! I just hear a fantastic ethnic music at”.

Yes, you can made ‘fantasy’ URL to instead of dynamic URL. Continue reading